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Dear Friends & Family, we are pleased to have you visit the Christine Neuman Affourtit Foundaation

          We are proud to state we have concluded our second full year in the fight and race against breast cancer! We sincerely thank all who’ve donated their money, time, and talents, to the foundation the past two plus years. We whole-heartedly appreciate you!  We are excited to share the details with you throughout this newsletter regarding where time and money have been spent. Also, please visit our web site,, to view greater details regarding our activities, including a specific page thanking all of our patrons, sponsors, and donors.

       Thank you, once again, to all who have been so wonderful to the Affourtit-Neuman family, and to those who loved Chris. We will continue to honor Chris, make her proud, & work hard to sustain this foundation for the long term! We are very determined to forge ahead with a clear mission to host and sponsor “Breast Cancer Awareness Events”, promote early detection through various workshops, therefore increasing survivability, teaching healthy life style & nutrition, and through education assist all girls & women to win the "Race Against Breast Cancer"                                                            

        We conclude our effort each year in February, Chris’ birth month, with the sponsorship and participation in “National Girls & Women Sports Day” hosted at Lake Forest College. We begin each year on Chris’ day of passing March 2 with our mission in hand; we begin to raise the necessary funds to make an impact on girls and women throughout the year. Chris passed away 3 years ago on March 2, 2009, but left us with great memories, lots of love, and a clear mission for outreach to help young women and girls in the fight to win!


The Affourtit-Neuman Family

Please join our cause!

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